Body Fat
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Body Fat. Where it is. What it means.

They look the same. Age, gender, height and weight. But Are They?

Just because people appear to be the same doesn't mean they are equally healthy. Where body fat is located can place a person at far greater risk for Fat-related conditions such as cardiovascular diseases,stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and even certain kinds of cancers.

The MRI images below show a cross section of two mens' bodies at the waist. The white areas represent skeletal mass and organs, the black areas are fat. Both men have approximately the same percentage of body fat.

BMI = 27.7
Fat % = 31.2
Internal Fat Area = 73.8cm2
Skin Fold Fat Area = 239.5cm2
V/S Ratio = 0.31

BMI = 28.1
Fat % = 29.3
Internal Fat Area = 205.8cm2
Skin Fold Fat Area = 181.5cm2
V/S Ratio = 1.13

As you can see from the white area in Figure 1, Man A's skeletal frame is condensed and his fat is located mainly around the outside of his body just under the skin. This fat is easily discernible by pinching the flesh and makes him appear more flabby.

In Figure 2, Man B's skeletal frame is broader and there are large black fat deposits throughout his body cavity. This inner fat is completely invisible to the naked eye and usually goes undetected, yet is far more dangerous because it surrounds the vital internal organs.


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