Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) of Body Composition

It's quite possible for you to look and feel perfectly healthy and still have a dangerous percentage of body fat. Man "A" may in fact have a higher body fat percentage than Man "C".

Tanita Body Composition Analyzers determine body fat using Bio-Electric Impedance Analysis (BIA), a process by which a small electrical current is sent through the body to measure the impedance, or resistance to that current. Biological tissues (muscle, fat, bone, connective tissue) act either as conductors of, or insulators to, the current.
The current will flow through the path of least resistance. Muscle tissue, which contains about 80% water, acts as a good conductor for the current, while adipose tissue (fat), which contains very little water, acts as an insulator. Therefore, the current will travel around the adipose tissue, and through the water in the muscle.

The more fat containing adipose tissue in the body, the harder the current must work to travel around that fat along the muscular structure. In this case, the resistance to the current generates a higher impedance value, which in turn reflects a higher value for body fat.
The impedance value is then inserted into an equation (along with height, weight, sex, physical stature) which calculates body density and percent body fat. To ensure a high level of accuracy, this equation is correlated to DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) and underwater weighing (Hydrodensitometiy).

Tanita’s unique series of BIA instruments employ two foot-pads with integral electrodes underneath, and a corresponding digital scale. As you stand on the scale, both body weight and impedance are measured simultaneously. Within seconds, the digital readout displays your body fat percentage, total body water, lean body mass and total body weight.
Using Tanita's new BIA instruments for measuring body fat means:

  • no messy conductive jellies
  • no uncomfortable electrodes
  • no complicated formulas

ALL YOU NEED IS YOUR FEET! There is absolutely no faster or easier way
to measure body fat. Tanita's Body Fat Analyzer's are as easy to use as a weight scale. . .all with accurate results. Tanita's has a complete series of Body Fat Analyzers. With seven models to choose from, we have the perfect tool for the Doctor’s office, the health club and the home. . . all with guaranteed accurate results. Tanita has a Body Fat Analyzer right for everyone.

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